The Baby Swim Book

Baby Swim Book

Published in 1986 by Janet McCabe and Cinda Kochen, The Baby Swim Book is still the standard for teaching babies to swim with TLC.

The Baby Swim Book describes how you can share the joys of swimming and develop a “loving while learning” relationship with your baby.  In addition to being  a lot of fun, teaching your infant how to swim enhances the baby’s physical development and helps build self-confidence.

The Baby Swim Book includes clear, step-by-step instructions accompanying photos for teaching eight basic swimming skills.  You’ll also learn:

  • What to look for in a baby swim class
  • At what age it’s best to introduce your child to the water
  • What babies up to three years old can learn
  • How to use bathtime to familiarize your child with the water
  • Specific games and toys to use with your child in the water
  • How to adapt swimming lessons to your child’s unique personality
  • How to teach your child the eight basic water skills
  • Health and safety factors related to water activities

Cost $20 + $5 for handling and postage

Contact Janet McCabe at 303-810-7163 or email

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